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Pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinics in East Toronto for July 16 to 25

UPDATE from: Brad Bradford, Toronto City Councillor
Beaches – East York | Ward 19

Here are the latest updates for ETHP’s mobile vaccination work for July 16 to 25.

All pop-up vaccine clinic details are also available at: https://tehn.ca/VaccinePopUps

Sign up for email updates at: https://www.bradbradford.ca/

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Federation of Metro Tenants Associations (FMTA) Eviction Tracker

Illegal and fraudulent evictions are running rampant in Ontario.

Since 2017, landlords have been forcing tenants out of their homes due to fraudulent N12, N13 notices and other means according to our data. Unfortunately, none of this has been tracked…until now. 

We’re trying to build a database of landlords who evict illegally. Have you gone through a fishy eviction recently?

Fill out our eviction tracker today:  https://www.torontotenants.org/fmta_eviction_tracker

NOTEFMTA main website is accessed at: https://www.torontotenants.org/

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