Councillor Brad Bradford Update for July 29: Pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinics in East Toronto for July 31 to Aug 8

Please find below a listing of east end vaccine clinics and mobile clinics for this week.  Please share this information with your networks.  The poster has been attached for ease of reference.

August 2 to 8: Presteign Heights E.S., Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy, Glen Rhodes United Church, William Burgess E.S., George Webster E.S., Gateway P.S., Madinah Masjid, Samuel Hearne M.S., Leslieville Farmers Market, Monarch Park C.I., Shoppers World Danforth

Various dates and times. Download and share the flyer for outreach and promotion in your communities.

All pop-up vaccine clinic details are available at tehn.ca/VaccinePopUps.

Booked appointments at Thorncliffe Park Community Hub, Warden Hilltop Community Centre and Shoppers World Danforth
A reminder that we have appointments available at Thorncliffe Park Community Hub, Warden Hilltop Community Centre and Shoppers World Danforth for the coming weeks. Appointments for first doses and second doses may be booked at tehn.ca/VaccineAppointment. Appointments may also be booked atother clinics using the provincial booking system online or at 1-833-943-3900.

On behalf of Councillor Brad Bradford,

Diana Gonzalez

Operations Manager

Councillor Brad Bradford

Ward 19 – Beaches-East York

416-338-2755 (o)


Pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinics in East Toronto for July 16 to 25

UPDATE from: Brad Bradford, Toronto City Councillor
Beaches – East York | Ward 19

Here are the latest updates for ETHP’s mobile vaccination work for July 16 to 25.

All pop-up vaccine clinic details are also available at: https://tehn.ca/VaccinePopUps

Sign up for email updates at: https://www.bradbradford.ca/

Federation of Metro Tenants Associations (FMTA) Eviction Tracker

Illegal and fraudulent evictions are running rampant in Ontario.

Since 2017, landlords have been forcing tenants out of their homes due to fraudulent N12, N13 notices and other means according to our data. Unfortunately, none of this has been tracked…until now. 

We’re trying to build a database of landlords who evict illegally. Have you gone through a fishy eviction recently?

Fill out our eviction tracker today:  https://www.torontotenants.org/fmta_eviction_tracker

NOTEFMTA main website is accessed at: https://www.torontotenants.org/

The Mimico Estates Tenants’ Association conducted an online Above Guideline Increase (AGI) workshop on May 18, 2021. The workshop provided a wide range of useful tips and information for tenants so that they can protect their rights especially in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The title of the presentation is The AGI – A Nuts and Bolts Workshop.

Full details are available at the attachment below:

Join the FMTA Petition to ban evictions

Just a note that evictions are set to return to Toronto, Peel Region and North Bay-Parry Sound on March 8. Evictions have already resumed across most of the province.
While eviction hearings have continued during the current ban, enforcement of evictions (the sheriff) has been suspended. Enforcement is set to continue next Monday.
Evictions spread COVID and kill people. We’ll continue to fight for a full ban on evictions during the pandemic.

Refer to this link below to sign the FMTA Petition:

Petition: We Need A Real Eviction Ban Now!

Danforth-Main Laneway Connection will transform the laneways running to the north and south of Main St Station, and to the south of Coleman Park, into safer, more welcoming places by working with the local community to analyse the spaces, develop master plan of improvements, and add things like gardens, public art and pedestrian-friendly lighting to the laneway edges of neighbouring properties (at the request of property owners). Project master planning and design will take place from February through June, followed by construction planning from July through August, and culminating in installation in September and October.

Upcoming Project Kickoff e-meeting and Site Analysis e-meeting

More information about the project including details and sign-up information for the Project Kickoff e-meeting on Wednesday February 24, and the Site Analysis e-meeting on Monday March 8 can be accessed at these links:

Danforth-Main Laneway Connection

The Laneway Project is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to bringing laneways to life.

Refer to this flyer:

The FMTA (Federation of Metro Tenants’ Association) has initiated a petition for the Government of Ontario to ban all evictions. Details are below:

Petition: We Need A Real Eviction Ban Now

Yesterday, the Provincial government announced they have temporarily suspended evictions.

We know that many tenants in Ontario are struggling and wanted you to know as soon as possible to help reduce stress and worry.

Unfortunately, the ban is not a complete one – landlords can still give eviction notices, while the Landlord and Tenant Board will continue to hold hearings and issue eviction orders. 

Evictions spread COVID. Unless we get a real eviction ban and rent relief for tenants, people will continue to be evicted and COVID will continue to kill.  

Please sign our petition calling on the government to implement a real eviction ban. Lives are at stake.

Refer to this link to sign the petition:  https://www.torontotenants.org/evictionban

CAPREIT Tenants have united to form the ACORN CAPREIT Tenant Union (ACTU) and launch a national coordinated campaign to overhaul CAPREIT’s business practices. As tenants, we know that drastic changes are needed in the way REITs do business, not only to ensure that they have healthy and affordable housing long-term, but that the country as a whole does.

CAPREIT is playing a leading role in the loss of affordable housing in Canada; and it is shocking to learn what CAPREIT is getting away with.

Refer to this attachment for full details:  Acorn CAPREIT Tenant Union


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