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Demand Your Candidates Commit to Vacancy Control!

(FMTA Tenant Action Committee)

Affordable rental units are scarce and rents are at a historic high. We’ve heard many promises from all levels of government about initiatives to make housing more affordable, but nothing has been done to stop landlords from raising rents on vacant units and gouging those who can least afford it.

The provincial election is coming up on June 2nd. This is our chance to demand vacancy control.

What is vacancy control? Legislation that will stop landlords from raising rents by any amount they choose on newly vacated units. Currently in Ontario, vacancy decontrol is in place, which drives up rents, creates incentive for landlords to evict tenants, and is making housing less affordable. 

So what can we do about it? Demand that your provincial candidates pledge their support for vacancy control. We have created a template letter that you can fill out online and send to your local candidates.

In solidarity


FMTA Tenant Action Committee

Refer to this link to contact your provincial candidate: https://www.torontotenants.org/vacancy_control_2022?utm_campaign=vacancy_control_campaign_2022&utm_medium=email&utm_source=fmta


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