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 By I. Aagaard, Guest Contributor



In my previous piece (MISSING: National Housing policy in Federal Elections!) I focused on affordable housing, whether or not this should be viewed as a fundamental human right, and the fact that we in Canada do not have a national housing strategy.


In this piece I’d like to pose some questions regarding “sustainable affordability” to affordable housing. By definition, “sustainable affordability” means the affordability to a decent place to live must be sustainable. To help accomplish that, one must have a greater degree of control over one’s housing costs – i.e. the profitability factor must be decreased. More Not-for-Profit and Co-Op housing would help on that front, as would home ownership. Another factor to consider is the whole business of banks lending practices when it comes to mortgages. Just look to the US and what’s happened (more…)

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By I. Aagaard, Guest Contributor

Okay, I don’t know about you but for me some issues are conspicuously absent in this election campaign. They are:

(a)  a total lack of vision regarding Canada and the kind of society we want and,
(b)  tenants and the right to affordable housing.

Regarding (a) . . . I only wish to encourage each and every one of you to give serious thought to what kind of society you want for yourself and your children/future generations in this country. Think beyond your own immediate wants and needs and look to what really matters to you.  For example, do you think a healthy, well-educated society matters to ensure we remain competitive globally and able to support the education and health care systems vital to our future?  Tempting as it is to focus on your own immediate needs, I encourage all of you to look beyond those and give thoughts to the kind of Canada you want for your children and grandchildren and, by extension, for yourself in old age. Think about the kind of health care services, pension income, and affordable senior housing or nursing home care you want to see available to all.

Regarding (b) . . . affordable housing for all, not just the relative few who can afford to buy/own property but more so for the many who are forced to rent a place to live, I ask you to consider if this should be viewed as a universal right or merely a right for those who can afford to own property.

In case you’re not aware of this – CANADA IS THE ONLY WESTERN NATION THAT DOES NOT HAVE A NATIONAL HOUSING POLICY targetting renters.  Tenants are left totally at the mercy of the capitalist market place.  Landlords will charge whatever the market will bear.  Only exception is (more…)

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