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A website has been created for the Tenant Group at 165 Barrington Avenue as part of the effort to challenge the ABOVE GUIDELINE INCREASE (AGI) filed by RANEE Management. The website will inform the tenants of their rights and possible legal actions to challenge this AGI.

RANEE distributed a NOTICE OF RENT INCREASE (N1) to tenants that contains specific details of the increased rental payment tenants are required to pay effective July 1, 2022. That action was taken by RANEE despite the fact the AGI has not been approved by the Landlord and Tenant Board. Tenants have been informed by the Tenant Group’s distributed flyer and website that they have an option to only pay the legal annual rent increase of 1.2%, until such time as an AGI amount is approved.

Refer to the link below to access the 165 Barrington Avenue Tenant Group website:



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