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One article I came across when reading up on bed bugs for this blog emphasized that bed bugs don’t distinguish between people based on income or class.

What is a significant difference, however, between the experiences the rich and those of us of more modest means have with bed bug infestation is the kind of pest control we are able to afford.

The article underscored that effective bed bug eradication means going beyond the spraying of pesticides. It insisted that physical methods such as vacuuming and steam cleaning must also be used, because bed bugs can often smell/sense chemical sprays and instead of killing them pesticide treatment may simply disperse them further into your living space.

However, employing a pest control company that will provide the full, labour-intensive treatment, is expensive – above the means of many tenants and not the first choice of landlords looking to keep cut costs.

What to do?

Some thoughts – please let us know your own…

  • Ask questions – of the landlord, of the pest control company. Make your position clear. If possible, you want to avoid making the situation worse.
  • If you can only afford bare-bones pest control or that is all the landlord will pay for, can you take on the necessary vacuuming and steam-cleaning yourself?

Source article: Biting Back Against Unwanted Bed Bugs

NOTE – due to poor building repairs and maintenance beg bugs and roaches can easily find their way via the crevices and cracks in units of many buildings.


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