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Council members of  the City of Toronto have come up with a strategic plan to meet the needs of the expanding seniors’ population. A  sub-committee that includes Janet Davis (East York Councillor) has been established to provide advice and input to ensure that the City remains a safe, navigable, affordable, accessible and enjoyable city for everyone.  

The information gathered at this consultation will help to identify service priorities and innovative ideas to improve senior services in our city. You are encouraged to come and share your views about Seniors Services in our City.

The Seniors Strategy Consultation will take place on  Monday October 29, 2012 at the East York Civic Centre, 850 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto.

More details are available at these websites links:

City of Toronto Seniors Strategy

Janet Davis, City Councillor, Ward 31

City looking for input into strategy to meet needs of rising senior population

Those who wish to participate should refer to these attachments for more information:




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So, today is the day that the Toronto’s Executive Committee will evaluate and vote on a proposal for a new Municipal Licensing and Standards strategy.

As noted in earlier posts, it looks as if they will approve an auditing plan proposed by the department.

From a tenant perspective (and examined in detail in earlier posts) this proposal is little more than a slightly enhanced version of the status quo.

In earlier posts, we mentioned a meeting that took place yesterday afternoon to show support for landlord licensing – the proposal initially being investigated by the City.

This meeting was well attended (with approximately 40 people present, albeit mostly members from the organizing group, ACORN) and drew a camera crew from Global TV and two newspaper reporters. Three city (more…)

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In mid-July of this year the City Council voted to refer a motion (initiated by Ward 22 – St. Paul’s Michael Walker and seconded by Ward 11- South Weston’s Frances Nunziata) to Toronto’s Executive Council to request that the Provincial Government support a return to what they termed ‘real’ Rent Control and the end of Vacancy Decontrol in the province.

In and of itself, the Council motion was not very meaningful and does not seem to have been picked up by the media. It did certainly raised concerns though that are important to us as tenants.

So, what were the Councillors supporting and what impact would the (more…)

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