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For the current year and commencing January 2011, the Municipal Licencing and Standards department (MLS) has provided updated information on the resumption of the audit program in multi-residential apartment buildings (MRAB). MLS has included a list of buildings scheduled for auditing as well as specific items to be targeted in their audits. For example, the audits will include ‘common areas, mechanical systems and grounds of the building’ for property standard violations. Refer to this link for details: http://www.toronto.ca/licensing/mrab/audit_activity_by_ward.htm

According to the article “Inspectors to probe city’s 5,000 rental buildings” published in April 2010, Jim Hart (Executive Director of MLS) stated:  ” We’re actually going to get our own staff to go out there effectively with a checklist and do every single (rental) building in the city and kind of rate them,” and that “he’s determined to send out about 100 inspectors to give nearly 5,000 buildings a once-over, so his 12-member audit team can better focus its efforts on the buildings most in need of improvements”. Refer to this link for the full article: (more…)


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For information on the 2014 Municipal Election check this link:


The date for Municipal Elections is October 25, 2010. For more information about voting regulations and eligibility call 311, and/or check:

Candidates in the Municipal Election are soliciting for tenant votes. This is an opportunity for tenants to engage candidates and discuss concerns related to property standard violations by landlords. Violations are often related to outstanding maintenance and repairs to their unit or building premises. These violations  fall under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Licensing and Standards department (MLS) of the municipal level of government. Tenants should make use of this opportunity and raise their concerns about enforcement of municipal licensing standards as well as other serious challenges facing residents in the GTA.

NOTE – The East York Tenants Group maintains political neutrality and does not endorse or promote any of the (more…)

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(Check for update on the audit program here: MLS Auditing Program for 2011 )


The first annual report released by the City of Toronto’s first Ombudsman contained a troubling statement about the “lack of effective communication between bureaucrats and public”. Check  here  to access the Ombudsman’s report.  This lack of communication identified in the report has clearly been a source of great frustration for the public. In particular, it is a serious impediment to resolving landlord violations of property standards in multi-residential apartment buildings (MRAB). Hence this (more…)

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